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Terms and Conditions

We aim to be respectful to all people, and would not intentionally insult or offend any person or group. We request that all contributors similarly be respectful of others, keeping in mind that it is also important to be able to express one’s own perspective. Any comments believed to be offensive, inappropriate or appearing to solicit rather than contribute will be removed.

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Whilst we aim to ensure all our information is as current and correct as possible, this is a general site and not all information will be applicable to your specific situation.

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with people is that they are, well people, and as such have their own nuances and will react in their own way. It isn’t possible to guarantee what people will or will not do – ever!  What we aim to provide is suggestions and guidance as to what has worked in the past, and what may be more effective than your present action.



We are governed by the Australia Consumer Law, and refunds will be provided in alignment with those requirements.


Exclusion of Competitors

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Education, Training and Development, Coaching

By using our services you agree that we are not to be held liable for any decisions you make based on any of our services or programs. Under no circumstances can you hold us liable for any actions to do or do not take nor any losses or costs incurred by you as a result of any guidance, advice, training, coaching, materials or tools used by All our information both on the website and in consultation is intended to assist you and does not in any way, not is it intended to substitute advice of any professional, financial or legal manner. Results are not guaranteed.



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