Get the support you need to succeed

– For when life is more complex

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Life is complicated – we get that. It’s not easy to juggle study with work, family, life…

Having your own personal coach to support you and help you keep on track to success can be a real game-changer.

Only $1,600 to make your learning investment work for you (and be less work at the same time).

Individual Coaching

2 sessions to get you started with clarity and confidence PLUS ongoing weekly support

Access to Learn2Learn

Design your personal learning approach with our support

Change your mind...

Brain-based techniques to help you become your future successful self


It takes focus and motivation to succeed. We can help you to uncover what drives you – but you need to be prepared to commit to taking action.

If you are dedicated, we will help you overcome any challenges.

Action tasks, try and apply

We give you tools, strategies and the guidance and support… what we don’t give is the answers. Everything your need is within you – we help you bring that out.

Create your habits and mindset for ongoing success.


24/7 access to the Learn2Learn modules and your personal action tasks. Weekly email support (at your own pace) PLUS 2 coaching sessions to guide and keep you on track..

Commit to making the changes you need. 


We assess all applications monthly, when there are positions available. If you are shortlisted you will be contacted for a no-obligation 30 min conversation where both parties can determine if they will proceed. Upon successful application you will be sent a coaching contract and invoice. Once these have been signed and paid the coaching relationship can begin.

To find out more on our Legal Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements – 

Please note that if you are successful in your application for coaching, there will be a separate coaching contract sent to you.