About Learn2Learn

Meet the Creator

Hi, I’m Tanya Rutherford from Engaged Learning Solutions

Lifelong Learning makes it possible for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations!

For me, being a learning facilitator is all about helping others discover how much easier it is to learn when you have the right tools, strategies and mindsets at your disposal. 

I’ve been both a student at 4 different Universities in Australia, and worked at 2… and I’ve seen first hand the struggles students can have when they start studying without the right learning skills. The approach that worked in High School, or on the job often isn’t anywhere near as successful in the Higher Education environment.

In my more recent working experiences I have coordinated a Student Mentor program, developed a Student Leadership course, and designed and facilitated intensive student leadership retreats/ conferences. so I spend a lot of time with students of all ages!

This program provides me with the opportunity to sharing my insights and knowledge with others – as well as all the knowledge of the experts in this space. I’ve spent a great deal of time researching and identifying strategies, mindsets and tools to provide you here in one space.

I’m looking forward to sharing ideas, stories and inspiring change with you!

Why Learn2Learn?

My aspiration is to help YOU develop key behaviours, learning strategies and resilient mindsets that will improve your grades, reduce stress and time wasting; and as a result, increase your potential to graduate with the qualifications YOU want.

For so many students coming from either High School (where learning is structured and supported) or from the workplace – the experience of learning at University is overwhelmingly challenging. No one is following up with you, and not everything you are expected to learn is provided to you. Using study techniques which worked for you at school are unlikely to work as well here.

What it isn’t

There is so much that could be covered, but many elements are already provided by universities. As such what you won’t find here is:

  • Referencing and specific research skills
  • Academic writing
  • A review of learning theories and comparisons
  • Mentoring or Uni-course specific support

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How are we different?

Where did Learn2Learn come from?

Interestingly, this was born from a University assignment that Tanya completed early 2017. Reflecting on the approaches taken by Universities to improve the learning outcomes for students, she felt there was a gap in the development of learning skills for new and existing students. Further research identified this concept as Self-Regulated Learning skills.

As Tanya was undertaking her studies in Tertiary Education at CQUniversity at the time, she framed her project around a proposal to develop a program and implement (and research) through the Student Mentor program with which she was very familiar.

You can read an extract and research references here: